21 Day Meditation Journey Solas Relaxation Katie McGreal

The 21 Day Meditation Journey

This journey is for anyone who wants to develop a regular meditation practice. Each meditation is 10 minutes long and it is the perfect way to introduce or reintroduce yourself to meditation.


Practising meditation has so many benefits…


Improved sleep


Reduced anxiety and stress levels


A better relationship and communication with yourself and with others


Increased happiness levels

Why this works…

Having a regular mindfulness meditation practice helps you to feel calm and relaxed, it helps to relieve anxiety and stress and it helps you to know that you are stressed when you are stressed.

We so rarely take time to notice how our body is feeling so when we make the time to sit with ourselves it helps us to notice how our physical body is feeling and what is happening in our mental state as well.

Mindfulness and meditation helps to improve sleep and it can improve our relationships as we are allowing ourselves time to get to know us which means we can be more present with our friends, family, partners, children.

Each one is fully guided and supported and the welcome video explains how you can use this time to your best advantage.


I listened to the first one when I got up this morning and the house is quiet. I really enjoyed it and was kind of sad it was over so quickly. I can see this is going to be great fun and just what as I need as I’ve gotten a bit off track recently.

Teresa, England


A regular meditation practice has all of the same benefits with the added bonus of these benefits lasting for a longer time and becoming more of a constant reality. When we practise mindfulness once we can feel calmer and more centred. We can feel happier and more aware of and respectful towards our thoughts and emotions. When we practise daily we can experience all of these things every day.

I gained a lot of peace from the course. I loved it. It was very well structured. I’m looking forward to another course with Katie.

Clodagh, Dublin

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