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What a week! It is Tuesday and I feel like I am still recovering from last week! I had a week full of classes, travelling, friends – old and new, and so much love! When I thought about writing this blog about the past week, I thought that I would be writing it with a heavy heart after all of my goodbyes but in fact, I have such a full heart after it all! A heart full of love and gratitude for it all!

As well as teaching in the North this week I was also teaching in Connemara. I was teaching mindfulness classes as part of Coláiste Chamuis’s Cúrsa A and I think the students understood some of what I was teaching! Which is always a plus! When I walked into that hall to teach I couldn’t work out if I was more nervous that day or on the days way back when when I was a student! I do have some experience with teaching teenagers but not a lot, and as well as that they’re all different, just like we are I guess! But due to my lack of experience and simply because they were a new group for me I was really nervous! After my first class I changed around the order of what I was teaching but all in all I think they enjoyed learning about mindfulness and I think some of them may have even learnt a thing or two as well! I taught the same class to every group but it was never actually the same class because it was a new group with fresh ideas and fresh eyes.

Before this, the last time I was in Galway was in February this year. At that point I had decided that I was moving to Galway but I knew that it wouldn’t be for another few months. I thought that going down to visit my friend would make me feel better. I thought that I would get some sort of a ‘you’ve made the right decision’ feeling but I didn’t. Being in the city made me really nervous, it made me start questioning whether Galway was where I should go, I even started wondering if I should stay in Belfast but this trip had me feeling the complete opposite!

I had the opportunity to teach mindfulness classes in Irish; two of my favourite things coming together. The staff at Coláiste Chamuis and Gearóid Denvir who happened to be there as well all welcomed me with open arms. I met old friends who are teaching there and I also met lots of new people. I was even a little sad to be leaving on Wednesday but I had a full heart which made the sadness feel a little better.

And then on Thursday, I was wreaked after all of my travelling but I knew that I had a big emotional day ahead of me in St Joseph’s. In recent years, with the help of my meditation practice and my teacher Miranda MacPherson I have learnt a lot about myself. One of the things that I learnt is that one of my core beliefs is that I am not important. I developed this belief as a young child and as a result of it I have avoided drawing any attention to myself. I really loved the ‘Irish goodbye’ of slipping out the door without saying anything to anyone. But in order to help myself break down this belief I had to tell the students and teachers at St Joseph’s that I was leaving and the result of that was that I had a lovely last day! I was given some lovely presents, had my picture taken with the students and I got lots of hugs! I thought that I would have a heavy heart after it all but I was completely the opposite! My heart was so full of love and gratitude for the students and teachers, especially for Louise who made me such a beautiful present with all of the children in it (below). What talent!

As I mentioned above, I am still recovering from the past week but I don’t have the time yet to take a break – I have translations to do, accommodation to find, a car to sort out and my best friend had twins last week as well! What a week! And it really wouldn’t have been the same without the fantastic friends I have all over the country that put me up, gave me a chance to catch up with them and even fed me! Thank you all! Xx



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